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Mactac PermaGard® SAG38 Anti-Graffiti Laminate


1.5 mil high gloss ultra-clear polyester anti-graffiti laminate

Price: $369.21
SKU: SAG38W54L150

Spooky Deal on SpotOn® Now Through November!

Are you afraid of bad window decals? Don’t be. This Halloween, we’re offering you a great deal on SpotOn® - Drytac's horrifyingly easy bubble-free application solution.


SPOC-54164 | SpotOn 4 mil clear matte removable vinyl 54x164

SPOT-54164 | SpotOn 4 mil clear gloss removable vinyl 54x164

Spider Gwen

As the Marketing Coordinator, Quinn manages Digital Color Ink's website and creates the majority of our marketing material, a task she thoroughly enjoys. Like Spider Gwen, Quinn is a team player and always strives to be a valuable asset to her team. Mutlilingual, she's also a fierce traveler who loves to explore other worlds outside of the country. When she's not immersed in design software, she spends her time studying 3D animation, swimming, and going on road trips across the USA.

Drytac® SpotOn® 4 mil Gloss White


SpotOn® is a 4 mil gloss white monomeric PVC vinyl with a dot pattern removable adhesive.

Price: $283.85
SKU: SPOG-54164

Canon Meets Mactac for the Océ Colorado 1640

Mactac and Canon have created an approved, high-performance portfolio of products for use on the well-known Océ brand Colorado 1640 printer. Digital Color Ink has been working hard to get our print media and over laminates approved for the Colorado user. Download the ICC profiles on The Canon Solutions America here for the products below.


Just like Storm, Francine is a strong-willed woman and a force to be reckoned with. Francine is extremely passionate about those in her community just as Storm is passionate about fighting for peace and equal rights of her fellow mutant humans. In addition, Francine enjoys being on a team and stepping up into a leadership position, often assisting and learning new abilities from her peers and coworkers. As a nature lover, Francine enjoys spending her time in the North Carolina sun and attending to her garden.


Just like Quicksilver, Stevie D appears to have superhuman speed and strength. As our Charlotte Lead Operations, he’s quick when it comes to delivering and packaging orders for our customers. In addition to having superhuman speed, Stevie D uses his raw strength to lift the heavy rolls off our warehouse shelves. Even with his extreme quickness, Stevie D pays high attention to detail to ensure each customer is receiving their exact order. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and learning about the latest technology.  

Test Sub Category


Steve is the Managing Partner for our Charlotte Branch. He has a background in adhesive and ink development. Just like Wolverine, you could say Steve has mutant abilities when it comes to ink and adhesive developments as an author of 4 patents in adhesives, inks, and ink jet printing. In his free time, you can catch our very own Wolverine on his Harley and spending time with his family.


Introducing Drytac Polar® Burst

New Polar® Burst is a 3.7mil printable, satin, self-adhesive PVC film with a high quality, removable grey acrylic adhesive that allows for adhesion to smooth, flat surfaces. Its reflective qualities create eye-catching graphics, day and night. As such, it is ideal for signage and general advertising applications, as well as POP displays, posters and other exhibition graphics. Compatible UV and latex wide-format inkjet printers.


At Digital Color Ink we are determined to deliver the highest level of quality products and services to our customers.


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