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Neenah® Greenlight® II


GreenLight® II Plus! is a bright white, true-coated two-sided (C2S) backlit poster media that provides uniform translucency and image definition in both frontlit or backlit poster applications.

Price: $192.31
SKU: GL35030

Neenah® Enviroscape® EMT150 Textured


Enviroscape®  EMT150 10 mil/280 gsm PVC free embossed textured pre-pasted water activated wallcovering paper.

Price: $316.35

Neenah® Enviroscape® EMS150 Smooth


Enviroscape®  EMS150 10 mil/280 gsm is a PVC free wall, window or hard surface scaping product that is pre-pasted with a water-activated adhesive backing system, making it easy to install and just as easy to remove, while supporting LEED credit certification for green building applications.

Price: $277.89

Neenah® digiscape® II Sand Pebble DSII280


digiscape®  DSII280 17 mil sand pebble finish non-woven wall PET backed wallcovering PVC free media.

Price: $310.15
SKU: DSII280SP-100

Neenah® digiscape® II Smooth DSII280


digiscape® II DSII280 17 mil smooth non-woven wall PET backed PVC wallcovering media. digiscape® DSII280's durable construction exceed the break and tear strength of Type II commercial wallcovering specifications. 

Price: $310.15
SKU: DSII280-100

Neenah® digiscape® DCS260


digiscape® DCS260 9 mil/260 gsm smooth matte latex-saturated, non-woven wallcovering print media

Price: $252.35
SKU: DCS260-150

Neenah® digiscape® DCS350


digiscape® DCS350 17 mil/370 gsm smooth matte latex-saturated, non-woven wallcovering print media. digiscape® is an excellent, environmentally friendly alternative to PVC wallcoverings.

Price: $220.15
SKU: DCS350-100

Neenah® 4 mm Wipe Clean Board


An environmentally responsible 100% paper-based rigid board that contains a minimum of 10% post-consumer content. This rigid paper board is a fully recyclable alternative for structural signage in the wide-format marketplace. Wipe Clean board offers a dimensionally stable and rigid surface for indoor and short-term outdoor POP and signage applications.  Made of 100% paper, Wipe Clean allows smudges and marks associated with general installation to be “wiped clean” with a simple soap and water mixture. 


Price: $0.00
SKU: WIPE-4896-25

Neenah® digiscape® DCC350


digiscape® DCC350 17 mil/370 gsm canvas like textured latex-saturated, non-woven wallcovering print media

Price: $233.31
SKU: DCC350-100

Neenah® digiscape® stick-r weave DCSR260


Digiscape® stick-r weave DCSR260 9 mil/253 gsm microsphere removable adhesive wall paper.

Price: $341.31
SKU: DCSR260-100


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